Sasha Grey has left the porn industry behind and is now set to launch her latest venture— a band called aTelecine.

The band, which trafficks in what could affectionately be dubbed as "art music," also includes Grey's husband Ian Cinnamon and recently played their first gig at the Unsound festival in Poland.

While aTelecine's commercial prospects are potentially limited— we can't see them on Top 40 radio any time soon (not that it's a goal of theirs either)— there's probably no better time for Grey to choose music over porn. Piracy and free online streaming sites have decimated the porn business.

"[Porn is] just like the music industry– it's fucked now, no pun intended," Grey says. "It's the wild West."

And perhaps music can let Grey voice herself more. Despite her best efforts, that wasn't always the case in porn.

"People can dress you the way they want, they can do your makeup the way they want, but they can never take away your voice," she says. "There were times I had to fight against it– people wanted me to shut up, and just put a pretty smile on, and I'm not going to do that."

listen to aTelecine "4AM"

[via The Guardian]