For the record, your political affiliation will not keep you out of jail. 47-year-old Charlene Hunziker was arrested after making a scene at a P.F. Chang's in West Des Moines, IA, launching into a drunken tirade about how virtuous Mitt Romney is in the face of President Obama's evil. Employees tried to throw her out, and one patron called the police out of fear that Hunziker might hurt someone.

Police arrived, and Hunzikier told them to go about their business because "she was a Republican." According to a witness, Hunziker was screaming about how "Obama had ruined this country and Muslims were causing America all these problems." Police tried to ask if they could perform a breathalyzer test, but Hunziker began another rant about Romney and "her rights." 

Shortly before being charged with public intoxication, Hunziker said she was only behaving like a complete asshole because "she was a good mother." 

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[via The Huffington Post]