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Foursquare today has put Yelp on notice: It's coming for its neck. The service best-known for allowing its users to check-in and review businesses today rolled out a new search feature on its homepage that allows those not signed up for the service to search for a business.

It's long been Foursquare's plan to move beyond providing a recommendation service for those using its app, and registered users who happened to be using a computer. In January of this year, the company introduced what it called "personalized search for the real world" on its website. The new feature allowed registered users to hit the "Explore" button and search for a business or type of food or drink.

Now people who are not registered Foursquare users can visit the website and conduct a search for a business in their area. Say you're in NYC and you want to find a sneaker shop. All you have to do is go to the Foursquare site and type "Sneakers" into the search box. You'll then see a map and, to the right, a list of shops and stores with a ranking and description. Click one and you'll get more info and reviews from people who have checked in.

All of this is not new to Foursquare users. But for those who have been reluctant to sign up for the service this is provides a great tool. It's no secret that Yelp has gotten a little unruly with wild reviews and murky ratings. Foursquare doesn't have any of that. Yet. 

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