Prepare to celebrate Halloween for the rest of October with this collection of specialty cocktails available at various D.C. spots.

Capitale (1301 K St. NW) is offering two $12 drinks, including the Misty Mummy (first image), a gin fizz topped with a green froth that overflows from its glass like some lab creation. There's also the Bruja Brew (second image), a fall margarita with tequila, lime juice, syrup, and Cointreau. It's smoked with apple wood and peppercorn, and served with dry ice to give it the feel of a potion.

Public Tenley (4611 41st St. NW) is providing customers with the Wicked Witch PUBLIC Apple Punch, which looks like a human puddle in a martini glass. It consists of vodka, cider, and fruit juice. It goes for $10, and is only available at the Tenley location.

Meanwhile 901 Restaurant (901 9th St. NW) has created the Bloody Bang (don't let the name scare you), an $11 combination of Emperor Imperial, raspberry puree and champagne. It doesn't look threatening, but will sneak up on you. 901 has also prepared the Midnight Aura ($11), which mixes Belvedere, home-spiced Asian pear puree, ginger, fresh lemonl, and lemon betters.

Lastly, we have the Wicked Negroni, courtesy of the Daily Grill (1200 18th St. NW). This $6 brew of Campari and Vermouth is accented by rye. It's only available during happy hour the week of Halloween, and though it looks like it might melt your hand, it'll only melt your soul—if you have too many.