If Apple's solution for the iPhone 5's "purple lens flare" problem—wherein photos taken outdoors during daytime resulted in images with a purple tint—wasn't good enough for you, we've got another solution. IPhone case maker, Fotodiox, has developed thecamHoodie, a case which it claims eliminates the unwanted filter from photos taken with the iPhone 5. 

The camHoodie is a simply modified case that doubles as a hood for your phone's lens. The lens hood is a piece of rubber that keeps stray light from coming in and altering your photos. Above, you can see a photo Fotodiox says it took using an iPhone 5 without a camHoodie and one it says it took using an iPhone 5 with a camHoodie. Do you notice the difference? If so, you can pick one up today from the Fotodiox website for $24.95. 

[via CNET]