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88-year-old Ilda Victor Maciel has died after being injected with soup. Maciel, of Rio de Janeiro, had suffered a stroke, and her family believes that her death on Septemeber 28 was caused by nursing technicians injecting soup into her veins instead of her feeding tube. She died 12 hours after the injection, and her family is now suing Santa Casa de Barra Mansa hospital. Her daughter, Anna Ruth Maciel dos Santos says she became frightened after seeing her mother's alarming reaction following the injection.

Hospital officials say that Maciel was injected with soup, but don't believe that was the cause of her death. An information sheet signed by a doctor at the hospital says that the official cause of death was a "pulmonary embolism," which would apparently support the family's claims that the soup injection killed Maciel. An investigation has been launched, and is expected to be completed within the next 30 days.