Original Air Date: June 27, 2006
Director: Bill Corcoran
Stars: Sean Young, Georgia Craig, Ari Cohen
Lesson Learned: It pays to double—maybe even triple-check those references.

Before Sean "LACES OUT, DAN!" Young developed a bad addiction to booze and got herself cast on Celebrity Rehab (yet another alum!), she was starring in treasures like 2006's A Job to Kill For. In the film, we witness ad exec Jennifer Kamplan (Young) prowling for a new assistant as she struggles to handle her flailing marriage.

At the outset, new hire Stacy Sherman (Georgia Craig) seems to show initiative and a strong work ethic. However, her devotion to her boss starts to take a turn for the weird when she starts murdering the competition (literally), even offing a dude that ripped off Kamplan's car mirror.

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