Parent series: Saved by the Bell

Wasn't it just the worst back in the day when, instead of the OG exploits of world renowned pimp Zach Morris, nerdy sidekick Screech, and dream-girl dime piece Kelly Kapowski, TBS would pull the rug out every Friday with a re-run of this snoozefest?

College Years is simply a rehash of the same shit (minus Lisa, Jessie, and Mr. Belding, plus a couple of wholly bland new people) but with diminishing results, because, well, lightning just doesn't strike twice. Sure, Screech is still hopeless, Zach still slays hos, and Kelly slays Zach's hopes and dreams while cavorting with older men, but it was all so unmemorable. Oh, and Slater discovered he was Latino, so there's that.

At least it retained most of the cast we loved in high school, whereas New Class kept Mr. Belding and added a whole new crop of kids that we instantly hated, with Screech as Belding's assistant from season two on. How this soulless sequel lasted seven years, we'll never know.