Talk about a fantasy gone awry: A dangerous Angelina Jolie look-alike allegedly forced a cab driver to have sex with her at knife-point twice, then stabbed the man when he refused a third round. Nicolae Stan claims that 30-year-old Luminita Perijoc of Romania asked him to help her with her bags, but jumped his unsuspecting bones once he was inside of her apartment. 

He initially refused, but Perijoc whipped out a knife and demanded that he undress. She then forced him into intercourse two times, and when he refused to satisfy her for a third, she made the married father of three perform oral sex on her. She eventually stabbed Stan repeatedly.

He says he was only able to escape the attack because he barricaded himself in a bedroom and called the authorities. Police believe Perijoc's erratic behavior was the result of medication she was taking.

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[via Daily Mail UK]