Lance Ferguson, a 33-year-old cart pusher at a Houston, TX Walmart, noticed Dominique Mason shoplifting from the store. Well, about to shoplift. "Why are you stealing out of my store? I should whip your ass," Ferguson asked the 18-year-old after seeing him preparing to steal several DVDs and video games. 

Mason admitted his intent to steal the merchandise, but said he reconsidered because he knows stealing is wrong. The high school senior says he was returned the goods, but that wasn't good enough for Ferguson. He followed Mason to a parking lot and ran him over with his car. That evened the score, apparently.

After the teen rolled off the hood of his car, Ferguson yelled "Don't come back to my store. You want to steal from my store?" Mason was treated at a local hospital, and Ferguson was charged with aggravated assault. He tried to deny following Mason, but his pursuit was captured by a store surveillance camera. 

Busted by the job he was trying to protect. Damn.

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[via Gawker]