Activision has announced that a newly updated version of their classic platformer Pitfall is out now for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The new Pitfall has been in development at Activision's The Blast Furnace studio in Leeds, headed by former Rockstar London and Rockstar Leeds leaders.

"The team has kept the elements that made the original so much fun to play, and merged them with a cool, retro HD art style, updated controls and play mechanics to keep both old-school fans and newcomers happy," said former Rockstar London head Gordon Hall, now at The Blast Furnace.

The new Pitfall features "an ever-changing landscape with different environments and shifting camera perspectives, vehicles and mine carts, branching paths, and a wide range of hazards to overcome," across "a volcanic island carpeted in sweltering jungle," "villages long since forgotten by time," and "maze-like cave systems."

There's even a leveling system, and the promise of more content in future updates. It wouldn't be a modern game otherwise, right?

Pitfall is available now in the App Store for a buck, and an Android version is in the works as well. How do you feel about classics like Pitfall being rebooted nowadays? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.