While Parental Control was undoubtedly scripted as hell (behold, non-believers), it's purely the concept that earns the MTV time-killer a spot on this list.

Next featured parents who disapproved of either their son’s or daughter’s choice in significant other, to the point where they felt it necessary to appear on reality television to choose a new person for their kid to date. The parents interviewed a group of potential suitors and each chose one; then, their kid was to go out on a date with each of the picks while the parents stayed back with the aforementioned significant other to watch the progress unfold on camera.

In the end, the son or daughter is presented with a choice: Pick one of the parents’ approved dates, or stay with their significant other. Usually, the eliminated parties had some terribly cheesy and bitter parting comment once they were rejected. While this made for fairly amusing television, the likelihood that it made for any fairly long-lasting relationships strikes us as ranging from slim to none.