Reality television doesn't exactly have a reputation for being repectable, but last night's episode of Bachelor Pad really attempted to assure that the word "respectable" would never be associated with it.

The concept of the show sticks eleven woman and eight men in a mansion together, all competing for a $250,000 prize while allowing them to eliminate each other and partake in challenges.

In last night's challenge, the male contestants are instructed to stand before a group of perfectly fine ladies and throw eggs filled with paint at the one they deem the least attractive, like some sort of twisted, dysmorphic game of dodgeball.

Poor contestant Erica gets pelted time and time again, so much that one male remarks to the camera later, "it's like Picasso went to town on her back."

Though the other females seemed legitimately sorry for her, Erica later tearfully confesses to the camera that she doesn't understand why it had to be her and proceeds to slam her fellow female contestants' appearance in comparison to her own.

Logical one, isn't she?

[Via Jezebel]