Ryan Seacrest can seldom do wrong when it comes to reality television; his gigantic bank account can attest to that fact. But even the great ones sometimes have shitty, shitty ideas. In Seacrest's case, look no further than Momma’s Boys.

The show only aired on NBC for one season in 2008, and it was fashioned much like the network's other big reality dating show, The Bachelor, except in this one, there were three successful guys and a whopping 32 single women vying for their affections. Oh, and also, the boys’ mothers all lived in the same house as the women, and consistently worked to spy on the contestants and influence their son’s decisions. "Overbearing" doesn’t even begin to cover it.

This concept didn’t turn out terribly well, especially considering the fact that one of the mothers was both completely racist and anti-semitic, to the point where she told the producers, on camera, “I cannot have a black one; I can’t have an Asian one; I can’t have a fat-butt girl. No! No Jewish girl! No way, no way! I cannot stand them! I’m sorry, but I can’t handle them. It has to be a white girl.”

Not exactly the stuff romantic dreams are made of.