The Westside Market in the Upper West Side has installed an aisle specifically for male shoppers, which store officials believe will make the experience simpler and more convenient for men. The impetus for the idea came after the store's CEO read that roughly one-third of families have men do the shopping, and store officials believe that the new "Man Aisle" will be filling a real need. 

So, it's too much to ask of men to just read the signs that say what items are in each aisle? It's really not that hard: if you need peanut butter, just go to the aisle with the sign that says "peanut butter." If this store's male shoppers are genuinely having trouble grocery shopping, then they are either illiterate or idiots, because believe it or not, life is way more difficult than figuring out what aisle the shampoo is on.  

[via The New York Post]