Square Enix chief Yoichi Wada debunked rumors that long-awaited side-story Final Fantasy Versus XIII had finally been cancelled. Wada tweeted yesterday that the rumor was false, and that he had just come out of a meeting about the game.

"There's someone making a false rumor that Versus was cancelled. Haha...Just a minute ago, the regular Versus meeting ended. If you saw the presentation of the city, it'd knock you off your feet~lol."

Wada's response comes shortly after Kotaku reported that, after six years in the dark, Final Fantasy Versus XIII was being quietly shut down.

With six years of little publicly shown progress and no release time-table, Versus XIII has fallen squarely into the realm of "vaporware", where information is more likely based on myth than reality.

Hopefully, Square Enix and the Final Fantasy Versus XIII team have seen that fans are no longer waiting for the game with bated breath, and force them to at least show us a little bit of the game!

It probably won't, but there's always hope.

[Via Kotaku]