During your college years, social media exists to prove you're having a good time. Tweets about "icing" fools and pictures of you funneling Keystone Light. When you graduate, it's to prove that you locked down that now-chubby sorority girl you were dating. Nice, bro!

For women, it's a lot worse. Society demands that self-worth be measured against the Instagram feed of recently engaged friends. Single, but otherwise put together women are encouraged to race to the alter by every look-at-my-ring hand picture. That's not to say that social media is lowering the age at which people get married. That would take research and stuff. But any single woman in her late-20s, early-30s with a "news feed" is made to feel pressure.

The problem is, at that point, your marriage exists for the wedding. Your relationship peaks when you tag you and your boyfriend in a picture of your hand on Facebook. Then, after a party with a lot of uncomfortable hugging amongst total strangers, the two of you are stuck together. Forever. Or, until you get a divorce (shit happens), or one of you dies (shit always happens). Prince Charming gets stretch marks on his ass and Saturday nights come to end around 10:30. That's real life. Now, go "like" that.