Tired of the Marvel Universe ruling the superhero movie genre? Well, according to Variety, Warner Bros. is looking to make some serious moves by turning its most popular DC Comics properties into big budget blockbusters.

Most notably, the studio has hired Gangster Squad scribe, Will Beall, to write the script for a Justice League movie. Definitely a reaction to the success of Avengers, Warner Bros. is no doubt hoping that its superhero ensemble can bring in the type of cash that Marvel's did.  

Oh but that's not all. The studio is also eyeing potential film adaptations for other comic book properties such as The Flash, The Suicide Squad, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Shazam. These films are all very early in development, so there is still a lot to get done before it's even certain that they will actually happen. But we're especially excited about a potential Suicide Squad movie, because it would focus on the villains of the DC Universe, as opposed to the smiling, handsome heroes. 

The best part about the studio's new vision? It is putting most of these properties in the hands of Christopher Nolan. Like he is already doing with his producer role on Man of Steel, the studio wants Nolan to oversee the development of these films and act like the "Godfather" of its superhero division. This decision is so logical that it's surprising that it's coming from Warner Bros. 

[via Variety