This just in: Dropping an F-bomb in Massachusetts can leave you with a lighter billfold. The town of Middleborough has just ruled that public profanity comes with a not-so-steep $20 fine, but let out an impressive string of curses and that might just add up to some serious damage.

Middleborough isn't the only town with a crazy, seemingly nonsensical ordinance being enforced. Throughout the United States, there are strange laws strewn across the books that might unknowingly you leave you with a costly ticket on your hands, and in some cases, even a lengthy stint in the state penitentiary.

Blame it on the outdated, ancient laws that politicians keep for nostalgic reasons or to conservatively extinguish pleasure whenever possible, but, be aware, The 10 Most Ridiculous U.S. Laws are out there and ready to ruin your day.

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