Lindsay Lohan was involved in a car accident on Friday. The troubled actress rear-ended an 18-wheeler on the Pacific Coast Highway, resulting in scrapes, bruises and a completely wrecked Porsche. 

The driver of the 18-wheeler told TMZ one of Lindsay's handlers tried to a bribe him immediately following the accident.

According to the driver, Lindsay crashed her car, pulled over to the side of the road, got out the vehicle and hopped into the back of a Cadillac Escalade that was following Lindsay's Porsche. Lindsay's assistant, who suffered a minor injury, then approached the truck driver and offered to compensate him financially in exchange for complete discretion. 

However, the proposition was too little, to late. The driver had already dialed 911 because it seemed as if Lindsay was trying to flee the scene before the fuzz showed up. 

"Him and the guy took me across the street and told me this was some kind of famous person and they didn't want to be in the media," the truck driver described the situation.

Damn, LiLo. Not a good look, ma.