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Imagine how shocked police in Charbhuja, India were when a man entered the police station to surrender, carrying a head and bloody sword. Furious about her relationships with men, Oghad Singh beheaded his 20-year-old daughter for shaming the family and making it harder for her sisters to wed.

Manju Kanwar’s head was stitched back onto her body for the funeral. Roughly 100 men, most of whom were relatives, surrounded the body as her brother lit the funeral pyre. Villagers were appalled by Singh’s actions, saying he carried his daughter’s head through town while still wearing the shirt stained with her blood.

Kanwar’s life had been rocky and anything but traditional since leaving her husband from an arranged marriage and moving back into her parents home. When she started dating several men, her father was reportedly “disgusted.” When she eloped two weeks ago, he ordered her home and killed her on Sunday.

Singh still feels no remorse for murdering his daughter. Parents being unhappy with the decisions of their offspring is nothing new, but this is unacceptable.

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[via Fox News]