If you're a sucker for entertainment at the expense of others, then we're sure you were counting the days until last night's premieres of MasterChef and Hell's Kitchen. Not in the know? Well, just as star Gordon Ramsay enjoys bringing out the best in flailing restaurants on his beloved Kitchen Nightmares, he also enjoys weeding through contestants to find promising new amateur chefs and restaurateurs on his reality culinary competitions—with the caveat that they must first have the shit verbally assaulted out of them. 

Often merciless, always entertaining are how we'd describe Ramsay's fits of rage that've come to set his food shows apart from Top Chef and the like (though it'd be pretty awesome to see the always-poised Padma Lakshmi rip one of the cheftestants a new one over some botched parsnips). Just what causes chef Ramsay to take such genuine offense to minor foodie flukes...we can't really be sure, but in the spirit of good TV, we can only hope he keeps it comin'. (We're positive he will, as he'll be berating under-performing hotel staff this summer on his new show, Hotel Hell.) In celebration of all the food and awkwardness to come, we present to you our list of Gordon Ramsay's 10 Best Rants.

Written by Lauren Otis (@LaurNado)