Two weeks into getting to know “Ben,” Aaron Johnson’s character in the new Oliver Stone-directed crime thriller Savages (in theaters July 6th), the enigmatic marijuana grower turned drug-pushing titan continues to play the “elusive” card. Last week, he downplayed the obviously shady business acumen of DEA agent Dennis (John Travolta), and this time he’s acting dumb when it comes to his “accountant,” Alex Reyes (recent Academy Award nominee Demian Bichir). And, spoiler alert, it seems that somebody has set fire to Alex; though, in his own defense, Ben claims to only burn “blunts.”

Once again directed by three-time Oscar winner Stone (Platoon, Born of the Fourth of July), the latest installment of the Ben-specific “Interrogation Series,” premiering on Complex courtesy of Universal Pictures, is effectively opaque. And here’s the crazy thing about these videos: Ben is one of the movie’s good guys, along with partner/friend Chon (Taylor Kitsch).

To learn about the rest of the Savages characters, head on over to LA Confidential for “Chon” (Kitsch), AskMen for “Ophelia” (Blake Lively), HuffPost Entertainment for “Lado” (Benicio del Toro), and Made Man for “Elena” (Salma Hayek). And see how it all goes down on July 6th, when Savages, which you can learn more about the movie’s official site, opens in theaters nationwide.

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