Last week, Complex, courtesy of Universal Pictures, premiered the first installment of Savages “Interrogation Series” videos (all of which are shot by the film’s director, three-time Academy Award-winner Oliver Stone) focusing on “Ben,” played by Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass). In the film (in theaters nationwide on July 6th), based on author Don Winslow’s 2010 novel of the same name, Johnson and Taylor Kitsch (Battleship) play a couple of free-wheeling marijuana producers who piss off the wrong Mexican drug cartel members (Salma Hayek, Benicio del Toro) and load up their weapons to rescue their shared, and kidnapped, girlfriend (Blake Lively).

The first video, which you can check out here, introduced us to Ben himself; this time, though, it’s centered on John Travolta’s law-bending DEA agent, "Dennis."

To learn about the rest of the Savages characters, head on over to LA Confidential for “Chon” (Kitsch), AskMen for “Ophelia” (Lively), HuffPost Entertainment for “Lado” (del Toro), and Made Man for “Elena” (Hayek). And see how it all goes down on July 6th, when Savages, which you can learn more about the movie’s official site, opens in theaters nationwide.

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