Here's an example of how life can go from major suck to ridiculously awesome in no time flat. Karen Klein, the New York school bus monitor and grandmother who can be seen getting bullied and harassed to the point of tears in this infamous YouTube video, will soon be headed for the vacation of a lifetime and maybe even early retirement. A crowd fund on the Kickstarter-like site Indiegogo that was started in her honor has raised over $500,000.

A guy named Max Sidorov started the Indiegogo campaign, titled "Lets Give Karen -The bus monitor- H Klein A Vacation!" two days ago after watching the bullying video. Since then it's received a tidal wave of support and was joined yesterday by Klein's daughter Amanda, who will make sure her 68-year-old mom receives the benefits of the account when it closes next month.

In addition to the more than half a million dollars streaming in from benevolent strangers, Southwest Airlines has offered to fly Karen and nine others to Disneyland, all expenses paid.

The lesson in all this? People are the worst. But also, sometimes, the best.

[via Gawker]