Consider "swag" officially dead.

29-year-old Vardan Aslanyan led cops on a cinematic high-speed chase from Burbank, Calif., through four freeways before finally coming to an abrupt end with a literal bang beneath an overpass in Hollywood last week. During the chase, speeds exceeded 100 mph and five people were injured.

With both cameras and handcuffs on him, Aslanyan made his 15 seconds of fame count. "I am Vardan Aslanyan and I got swag," he boldly stated, and when asked why he led police on the wildly destructive chase, he said  "Because I got swag. I wanted to make it look good."

Clearly under the influence, Aslanyan was asked if he was on drugs. His reply was golden: "What is drugs?" His swag is suspect, but he most definitely has a few charges now.

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[via LAist]