Spelling mistakes can be embarrassing, but few things are more pathetic than misspelling your own name. During the 2003-2004 school year, Sunrise Elementary School in Fort Worth, Texas, added “McMillan” to its name. They also added an extra “i.” The change was made to pay homage to the school’s first teacher, Mrs. Mary McMillan, who would go on to become principal. Instead, it became a mistake that went unnoticed for eight years.

No one took notice until a relative of McMillan’s recently pointed the extra letter—McMillian—out to the school district. The school has no explanation as to how the mistake happened, and how it went unnoticed. In the wake of the revelation, the school has embarked on a frantic correction spree, fixing signs, awards, posters, and the school’s Facebook page. It’s even spelled incorrectly on Google Maps.

The lettering on the school's building was adjusted on Monday, but Principal Marion Mouton says he and staff are still discovering misspellings. The school says that once they are all corrected, it hopes to use this as a lesson to students about fixing mistakes.

Hopefully, it won’t take them eight years to get the message.

[via Daily Mail UK]

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