She’s only 20, but Stephanie Irene Santana is making a strong case for worst mother alive status. Houston police arrested her after finding her drunk and passed out inside her idling car around 2:40 this morning. The front door was also open, making it easy for police to find several bottles of beer inside of a diaper bag and some Xanax. Oh yeah, Santana’s also pregnant.

Police later learned that Santana left her one-year-old daughter unattended in the car while she ran into a local tattoo parlor to get a piercing. She was denied by an employee, who called the police after watching her stumble to her car.

Santana will face a DWI charge, in addition to endangering a child and possession of a controlled substance. The baby was handed over to Child Protective Services, and Santana will probably have a great time trying to get her back.

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[via Gawker]

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