21-year-old Sophia Anderson will always remember Memorial Day as the day she drove a red Mercedes-Benz convertible through a Long Island home. Anderson reportedly gunned it through a stop sign, ran up onto the lawn, and then straight through the house, just to the right of the front door.

96-year-old Helen Indiere, who lives at the home with her caretaker, was asleep in the bedroom left of the door as the vehicle rocketed out of the house, leaving the stove in the backyard. One neighbor said that it sounded like the house “blew up.”

Indiere was not injured, and Anderson suffered minor injuries. An unidentified male passenger was unharmed, despite the top being down on the convertible. Anderson, who lives in Bushwick, refused medical attention and a breathalyzer at the scene, and was swiftly charged with DWI.

Anderson’s mother says she has no idea whose car that was, as her daughter doesn’t have one in the city.

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[via Gothamist]

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