Ever find yourself growing tired of the person you're in love with? When this story's narrator first met his wife, Morella, his heart "burned with fires it had never before known," but before long he starts to lose that loving feeling for his intellectual wife. Her obsession with mystical writings begins to grate on him; soon, our narrator says he can "no longer bear the touch of her wan fingers" and finds that "the most beautiful became the most hideous."

Much to his relief, Morella kicks the bucket, but in the throes of death, she gives birth to a baby girl who grows up to look, act, and talk exactly like her mother. But instead of being on a Birth tip, her father is so terrified of the young incarnation of his deceased wife that he doesn't even give the kid a name.

Finally, when she's ten-years-old, Dad decides it's time to baptize and name her. The priest asks for the child's name, and he helplessly utters "Morella," at which point his daughter screams, "I am here!" and falls dead. The creepiest part, though? When Dad goes to bury his daughter next to her mother, he finds that there's no body in her tomb, suggesting Morella might have come back for revenge on her loveless husband.