Just when we thought we'd seen everything, this hits our computer screen—a man with muscles that would make  Arnold Schwarzenegger circa 1980 jealous and a face-tattoo that would put's Mike Tyson's ink to shame, bursting into tears upon the sight of a cuddly pit bull puppy.

Animal Planet's My Extreme Animal Phobia, a new show devoted to helping people overcome their animal-induced fears, follows Marvin as he confronts his puppy-phobia and—gasp!—pets a puppy for the first time since he was five years old. 

Don't get us wrong, we don't enjoy all puppies (especially ugly puppies, for that matter) but the dog that trots out and turns poor Marvin into a trembling, tear-eyed mess is clearly nothing short of a furry ball of love.

And while we know the guy is cleary coping with some major issues, we couldn't help but erupt into a fit of laughter at the sight of this. Maybe that means we're cruel...or maybe we're just cat people.

[Via Warming Glow]