Because there aren't enough online multiplayer shooters in the world, here comes Mercenary Ops, a third-person affair heading to PCs this summer.

MO is unique in that unlike other over-the-shoulder shooters, it was designed with multiplayer in mind first rather than as an afterthought to a single-player campaign. Cover and active reloads are present and accounted for, and destructible environments and an "encumbrance system" will factor in as well.

Competitive play features 16-person matches across five game modes, while co-op mimics the Horde Modes of past shooters, with three to eight players fighting together against waves of enemies. You'll unlock weapon and equipment upgrades with experience earned through playing.

Pricing hasn't been mentioned yet, but we're wondering whether they'll consider going free-to-play, a model that's becoming increasingly attractive even to hardcore gamers, if Tribes Ascend is any indication.

Built on Unreal Engine 3, the game certainly looks solid in the trailer above. Is there room for another third-person shooter? Does Merc Ops offer anything for you? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.