Notch may have trolled the hell out of us when he put up an official site for his new game that claimed it was called Mars Effect (hey, we thought it sounded plausible, sue us), but now fresh details have finally emerged about the actual game.

It's called 0x10c, which is apparently some kind of coders' in-joke, and it's a space trading game in the vein of the classic Elite. But we already knew that. Here's the real news: new screenshots. Though they basically seem like Notch is playing around with different lighting and textures.

No. 4 looks a lot like Minecraft, though it's likely he'll change up the look of the game a bit more. And the figure in No. 5 looks inexplicably like the soldier from Team Fortress 2, as many reddit commenters, who initially found the images by changing the numbers in the first's URL, have pointed out.

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