3DS owners who cry themselves to sleep every night because their home screens are so unorganized will finally be able to rest easy, starting tonight, as Nintendo's new firmware update for the handheld allows you to create folders by tapping an empty icon space.

Now Ambassadors will be able to organize their free games by system—create folders with the names "GBA" and "NES", for example—or do we what we do on our i-thingies and put all the useless stock icons that you can't delete in one folder named "crap".

The update also facilitates future patches from Nintendo, like one that should be coming next month to eliminate shortcut exploits in Mario Kart 7. It also improves the 3DS eShop's recommendation functionality.

If your system doesn't prompt you to update automatically, head to the settings icon, then select "other settings" and "system update". Voila.

How will you organize your games and other icons? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.