11. “I never miss.”

Courtesy of: James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) in The World Is Not Enough (1999)

It takes a man of supreme fortitude to silence the sexy-as-fuck Sophie Marceau, especially in the way that Pierce Brosnan, as the infamous James “007” Bond, does in The World Is Not Enough. In her final moments, Marceau, playing the villainous Elektra King, sends Bond on a foot chase through a mansion and straight into a bedroom, stopping his pursuit mere inches away from a lavishly decorated mattress.

With those come-hither eyes of hers, Marceau says, in a steamy whisper, “You wouldn’t kill me… You’d miss me.” In such a moment, we’d no doubt drop the handgun, tackle her onto the bed, and risk the world’s safety in the name of a quickie. Bond, however, is made of much harder stuff, ignoring her come-on and popping a bullet into her face, then replying, “I never miss.” And we’d never fit the bill in 007’s tailored suits, clearly.

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