After it was announced that Fox would be canceling its dinosaur drama, Terra Nova, after only 13 episodes, there was a brief glimmer of hope for fans when it was rumored that the show might be picked up by Netflix. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming giant has abandoned talks to revive the series, and it now seems like the show is dead in the water. 

After Fox had to spend an estimated $10-$20 million on the two-hour premiere of the show, there was always a fear that Terra Nova's budget would soon cause it to become unprofitable. And despite the decent ratings the show received, the numbers were nowhere near high enough to justify the price tag of each CGI-heavy episode. 

This setback shouldn't stop Netflix from pursuing more original programming to feature on its site. It already has new episodes of Arrested Development lined up for 2013, and it is currently eyeing a revival of ABC's The River if it gets cancelled as well. 

[via THR]