It was supposed to be Jurassic Park for the small screen, but thanks to a bloated budget and mediocre ratings, Terra Nova has been canceled by Fox after just 13 episodes, according to Deadline. The show was one of the riskier endeavours on TV with a pilot episode that was rumored to cost anywhere from $10-20 million. Despite Steven Spielberg serving as the show's producer, it failed to catch on with audiences and couldn't justify its high budget. 

Deadline is also reporting that 20th Century Fox Television will shop the show to other networks in the near future, but fans shouldn't hold their breath on that. As Collider points out, it's not often that network shows wind up getting picked up by other stations, and it's unlikely that any studio executive would want to deal with a show that has such a massive budget and extensive CGI work. 

Until there is a more cost effective way to bring dinosaurs onto network television, don't expect to see any more shows like Terra Nova to hit the airwaves in the near future.

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