Netflix is apparently having conversations with ABC Studios about the possibility of continuing its horror/drama The River if it gets canceled by the network this year, according to Deadline. The talks are very preliminary at this point, but it just serves as more evidence that the streaming giant is attempting to get more original programming on its site.

If these talks do progress, The River will be the second high-profile show to move to Netflix after it was announced that the company would be continuing Fox'sArrested Development on its site in 2013. Like Arrested Development, The River has failed to attract a wide audience while on ABC, and according to Deadline, it's a foregone conclusion that the show will be canceled. 

There is no telling how a show like The River will translate to the streaming service, or how much Netflix is willing to invest in its budget. But for fans of the show, this might be your last hope of ever seeing new episodes of The River, so keep your fingers crossed. 

[via Deadline]

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