News broke today that members of the cast of The Boondock Saints will be making an announcement during SXSW's Screen Burn gaming programming, and promotional materials for the event quickly revealed what it was all about: The Boondock Saints is becoming a game.

A poster mentioned Critical Mass Interactive, a company that's recently helped out with art and design on The Outfit and The Incredible Hulk, and the banner on their website is sort of a dead giveaway. Way to ruin the surprise! Below it reads, "Critical Mass Interactive (CMI) just awarded interactive development rights to the popular franchise, The Boondock Saints, by Creator/Director Troy Duffy, with an established Facebook fan base of over 4 million and growing!"

Let's hope their enthusiasm translates to ability! There's likely more info to come at SXSW. Credit to Joystiq for figuring this one out so we didn't have to. Will you consider delving into a Boondock Saints game with the original cast involved? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.