High-End Department Stores

Where the girls go: Barneys New York (660 Madison Ave.); Saks Fifth Avenue (611 5th Ave.); Bloomingdale's (1000 3rd Ave.); Lord & Taylor (424 5th Ave.); Bergdoff Goodman (754 5th Ave.)

Women like shopping. If this is news to you you need more help than we can offer. Great dressers can be found prowling the city's high-end department stores, often alone, whether they can afford to or not. And they all look gorgeous while they're doing it, like they're out on the prowl, because they are. They're on the prowl for deals—haven't you seen those DSW commercials? 

How to approach her: Hold up two shirts and sincerely ask, "Which shirt do you like better?" Seriously, women actually enjoy helping men with this kind of stuff. If she's remotely interested, she'll ask where you're going. You know, so she can help recommend which shirt is more suitable. And there's your opening…