1. Apple iPhone 5

Expected release: Fall

Despite not having 4G, near-field communication, a giant screen, or other nascent mobile technologies, no other phone offers a better user experience than the iPhone. That said, some people believe the iPhone 4/4S is getting long in the tooth. The design, with is elegant glass and brushed metal, is said to be dated and old. The screen is said to be too small to enjoy movies and shows purchased from iTunes. The iPhone 5 is said to address most of the shortcomings people have been griping about. In usual Apple fashion, if an iPhone 5 is released it will sport at least one or two novel features that will intensify the other upgrades. However, while we will gladly welcome an iPhone with a quad-core processor, a bigger display, and a new thinner design, we hope the great user experience doesn't get tossed out with the bath water.