2. Apple iTV

Expected release: TBD

Television is the last realm left for Apple to revolutionize. Before he passed away, Steve Jobs told his biographer, Walter Isaacson, that he had figured out what an Apple-branded TV should be. Rumors have been going for years about whether or not Apple was going to release a TV, but after that revelation, the mill went into high gear. Analysts began analyzing suppliers to see if anything could be gleaned from Apple's purchasing. Reporters tried getting sources close to the situation to crack and spill some details. Yet, we still don't know much about the TV other than it will probably be great. Here's what we think will happen: Apple will release an Internet-connected TV that will allow consumers to fully-customize their viewing experience by choosing what channels they want to pay for, and deciding how and when they watch their shows and movies. It will more than likely feature some version of the company's voice-recognition software Siri that will give users a new, novel way to control their TVs. It very well could be a flop, but we doubt it.