After the staggering success, both critically and commercially, of Paranormal Activity 3, Paramount Studios has decided to bring the directing duo of Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman back for the fourth installment, according to Bloody Disgusting. With Paranormal Activity 3 being the most successful of the franchise, this move was a no-brainer for Paramount as Joost and Schulman have proven that they can put out high-quality horror on a tight budget.

We reported on Tuesday that Paranormal Activity 4 had been confirmed for a 2012 release date, but Bloody Disgusting has also confirmed that the exact date will be October 19, 2012. This continues Paramount's history of releasing these movies just in time for the Halloween horror push. Let's hope that Joost and Schulman can continue to buck the trend of the lame horror sequel by bringing their imagination and solid filmmaking chops to this fourth installment. 

[via Bloody Disgusting]