After Paranormal Activity 3 went on to gross a staggering $202.2 million worldwide last year, it became an inevitability that a fourth installment would be announced sooner rather than later. Well horror fans don't have to wait any longer because according to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount Studios has confirmed that Paranormal Activity 4 will be released in 2012, although no exact date has been released yet. 

So far no cast or director has been chosen yet, but with the relatively cheap cost of production on these movies and the short amount of time it takes to film them, don't expect an A-list name to be hired. Then again, we wouldn't expect a B-list or C-list name either. However, there are always hungry, creative horror directors in the world that are just salivating at the chance to scare us into submission. We'll have more information on this movie as it becomes available to us over the next couple of months. 

[via The Hollywood Reporter]