8. Katey Sagal as Gemma Teller-Morrow on Sons of Anarchy

We have no evidence to support the claim that Gemma is actually a bad mother per se. In fact, fierce love and loyalty to her family is her number one character trait, and she will do anything to both protect them and keep them close. If that means holding an infant at gunpoint, then hey, so be it.

Oh, there is that little historical sidebar that she actively participated in the conspiracy to kill her son Jax's (Charlie Hunnam) biological father when he was just a child with his stepfather, on some Hamlet shit. All because he wanted to take the motorcycle club that she helped him start in a more legal, less violent direction.

In the present, she manipulates anyone and everyone she needs to to service her own agenda, and is one of the most accomplished liars we've seen on television to this day, even when she's telling the truth. (She used the revelation of her gang rape to heal a rift between step-father and son, and when she finally came clean about his dad's murder, she conveniently left her involvement out of it.) It's a credit to Sagal's overdue Emmy-worthy performance that this foul woman is actually our favorite character on the show.