After being named the 2011 Playboy Playmate of the Year, Hope Dworaczyk has ventured into the app game. She has a new Rating Game app available for the Apple iPhone that allows anyone to upload and rate photos for others to rate. She talks about the new app and playing games at the Playboy mansion in this exclusive interview.

Complex: What do think guys will like about the Rating Game app?

Hope Dworaczyk: The reason I think it’s fun is because you can be sitting at dinner or at a friend’s house and you can upload a photo and they automatically rate you. Then you can decide that you want to play a joke on a friend, and you can upload the person sitting next to you’s photo and give them a low rating and then have me rate them on joke mode and we’ll say all kinds of funny things about the photo. You can put it off the joke mode and make sure that you have a high rating for anybody else in the room, and then keep the low rating for them. It’s a fun thing to do.

How into technology are you? What gadgets do you like?

I’m all Apple’d out, I guess. I have the desktop, the laptop, the iPhone and iPad. I even have iPods, even though I have the iPhone too. I guess I’m somewhat tech savvy.

What has Twitter and Facebook opened up for you as a new way to connect with your fans?

With my public Facebook page and Twitter they can communicate directly with me. I actually read everything they write, and when they tag me on something I always see it. Before there was Twitter or Facebook fan pages, you would send fan mail and never know if I read it. It’s like you’re texting me, because I get it in on my phone and I read it or I laugh. I get really funny things sent to me all the time. I think that that’s the best part.


Do you have any particular apps and games that you like to play on the iPad or iPhone?

Let’s see. I’m actually gonna look at my iPhone to tell you. I was addicted to Hanging with Friends. I was addicted to Words with Friends, until Hanging with Friends came out.

What do you like about those games?

I like that I can play my friends and people that I know. I like playing different words. It’s just for killing time, whether you’re at the airport or traveling. I also use the Twitter app all the time and Instagram, so I’m always uploading photos on Twitter and Instagram. I have the Direct TV app because I like to be able to program things to record when I’m away and then watch them when I get home. I love that one. I also have the app that lets me control my whole home entertainment system with my iPhone.

Do you play Angry Birds, or any of those kinds of games?

No, I never got into Angry Birds because I just don’t want to play anything that’s gonna make me angry. I try to stay away from that, but I really know that it’s a game that everybody loves. I’ve just never downloaded it. If I download it, I’m gonna be calling you back probably really upset because I know people that play the game.

Angry Birds is just the name of it, but it’s actually a funny game.

Oh, okay. I’ll download it and I’ll let you know. 

There are no birds harmed in the game. It’s a tongue-in-cheek type of thing. Did you play any games where you were younger?

Yeah. Super Mario Brothers and the Duck Hunt game. I loved both of those.

Have you played any of the arcade games at the Playboy Mansion?

Yeah. I’ve been to two parties at the mansion. You would think more, but only two. For one entire party, once I I was in the game room I never left, because I kept trying to beat the Pac-Man score. Right now, I have the highest Pac Man score in the game room.

What do you think it is about those games that even today makes them popular?

They keep your mind busy and they’re thoughtless; you don’t really have to think about a lot.

Do they have any kind of set up for the girls inside the house with a Wii or anything?

I’m sure inside the house they have all of that. I know they do, but it’s inside the house.

What are your thoughts on the fact that half of the gamers our there today are female?

I think that’s awesome. Do the female games mean that instead of having guns and blowing things up, we shop and stuff?

They have games like The Sims, which is like a simulator of relationships.

Oh, that’s right. I should do that.

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