Shawn Porter of Deltona, Florida didn't see a "blunt and some herbs" on the Burger King drive-thru menu, but he figured it'd pretty funny to jokingly place the order. The cashier, however, wasn't entertained.

With the unmistakable smell of weed resonating from Porter's car, the cashier wrote down his license plate number after he left and a supervisor snitched on him to the police. A quick check of his tags gave them his home address, where they were waiting for him. Another quick check, this time of his car, yielded 28 grams of marijuana and ruined a good-spirited munchies mission.

You'd think a place that thrives off of late-night potheads would have a sense of humor about something like this, or at least be cool enough not to rat anyone out. Working at Burger King might not be the wave, but why be so uptight about it?

[via Miami New Times]

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