TNT Industries, an arcade-dealing powerhouse based in Philadelphia, has a web-based reality series in the works, called High Score.

The company has been catering to the neighboring regions in PA, renting and selling classic arcade cabinets [no Time Crisis here]. The appeal of the show, or the sizzle reel at least, is the company's continued efforts to hunt down and refurbish said cabinets, from auctions and tips from customers. This doesn't just include cleaning up the old circuit boards, but also color-matching the original artworks on the cabinets themselves. And for the behemoths that can't be restored to glory, they are sent off in a dazzling display of wood, glass and gravity. Actually, they're thrown off the roof, which is as great a tribute as we can think of.

As with any series, the handling of the guys' introductions should be familiar to reality show afficianados. Luckily, anything that may be scripted here doesn't get in the way of what's going on. In addition, the "stars" of this show all have their own personalities, and it's clear to see that this is a true labor of love, also that what they're doing is a unique and fantastic show of respect to those games and their makers, most of whom have probably stepped out of the business long ago.

For right now, there is a sizzle reel and an "on the next episode," so check them out and subscribe, because you're unlikely to find someone else posting videos on a line of work this awesomely nostalgic.

I just wonder if they fix RROD's. Or mod Virtual Boys so that they don't suck.