8. Cut The Fat

Dexter has one of the least interesting supporting casts we've ever seen on a series. Besides Dexter himself, and, to an extent, Deb, everyone else is relegated to generic, tired subplots that only seem to exist because, well, Michael C. Hall can't be everywhere. For example, we've got no problem with Quinn, but the guy basically played out the same story beat in all 12 episdoes this season: Mope over Deb breaking his heart, drink too much, engage in meaningless sex, wake up in his car, and get yelled at by Batista. Wash, rinse, repeat.

The struggle to give the supporting cast members any juicy subplots is made even more difficult by having too many supporting characters to begin with. Nothing personal against Lauren Velez, but she's cashing main cast member checks to show up for ten minutes an episode. Instead of giving us the Deb vs. LaGuerta verbal-elevator-smackdown vignette each week, how much more interesting would it have been if she ended up in one of Travis's tableaus?

And speaking of which, how much safer can Dexter's producers play it than having Batista ready to die at Travis' hands only to be predictably rescued by Quinn? The cast could use some trimming, but more importantly some tension, as well. It's been awhile since anyone of major importance got in some real, genuinely suspenseful danger.