Do blondes really have more fun? Based on the carefree exploits of redhead Lindsay Lohan and brunette Kim Kardashian, that old adage is certainly arguable, but one thing is unquestionable: Men such as ourselves won’t ever grow bored with light-haired ladies. It’s a fetish that males have been exercising since well before the 1950s, yet, in regards to popular culture, the mainstream’s obsession with blondies traces back to the rise of Marilyn Monroe.

The eye candy icon ruled guys’ fantasies throughout the ’50s, and in the new Oscar-baiting flick My Week With Marilyn, Michelle Williams brings the beauty queen’s dominance to life. Early reviews place Williams’ performance at the top of this year’s potential Best Actress nominees; in our eyes, though, the gifted actress falls short in one major category: that certain “va-va-voom” quality given off by the knockouts on our countdown of The 25 Hottest Blonde Bombshell Actresses.

Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)

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